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Shoots may be scheduled for the following times:

8 am to 3 pm November 1 to February 28
8 am to 4 pm March 1 to March 31
8 am to 5 pm April 1 to April 30
8 am to 6 pm May 1 to Aug 31
8 am to 5 pm September 1 to October 31

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Tiered Package Options:

Virtual Staging - Price is per image

Basic Shoot - Including finished basements and attic spaces or additional finished space. All times are one hour in length. Additional time on site will be charged $25/15 minutes.

360 Tours - Virtual Walk-through of the property

A La Carte Options:

Agent details will be displayed on public tours. Don't worry, you can change this later.

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Terms of Service

Rights and Usage
All images produced for an agent or broker (hereafter referred to as agent) may be used by that agent for any and all marketing materials and campaigns associated with the property and for the agent’s self-promotion.  The photos may be used for the sole purpose of marketing the specific property recorded so long as the agent is associated with the active listing. Please note however, the images will be copyrighted by the photographer, and license granted only to the agent and not to any third party.  Any use of the images by a third party, including but not limited to architects, builders, stagers, designers, agents other than the original paying agent, sellers or buyers, is strictly prohibited unless approved in writing by Horizon Aerial Media Services.  Images may be transferred between agents and or brokerages by Horizon Aerial Media Services only. Transfer of images by agents or brokerages is strictly prohibited. Use of images by unauthorized individuals will be promptly addressed accordingly by Horizon Aerial Media Services.

Scheduling and Contact Information
Please contact us no less than 24 hours before your preferred time. Next day orders are challenging to fulfill and we may not be able to accommodate you on such short notice. You may contact us at (315) 778-8980 (text) or (315) 788-0980 (home) or horizonaerialmedia@gmail.com. (please allow a 24 hour turn-around for e-mails)  Appointments are scheduled in one-hour increments.  If your appointment requires the photographer to be on-site for more than one hour, an additional $25/15 minutes will be billed.  
Cancellation, No-Show and Inclement Weather Policy
If cancellation or rescheduling is necessary, please do so with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Any shoot canceled within 24 hours of a confirmed appointment is subject to a $50 cancellation fee. The full price of the shoot will be charged for any cancellation within four hours of the scheduled time. Arriving late beyond 30 minutes to an appointment will be considered a cancellation, and will be billed at the full rate of the shoot. Every effort will be made to accommodate a rescheduling.
At the Shoot
You, or someone authorized by you, may be present at the shoot to discuss important elements of the property or areas that should not be recorded.  All properties will be shot “AS IS”.  The photographer will make a reasonable effort to remove litter, stray objects, etc. from the rooms, however, please note that this does not include making beds, cleaning the property or arranging furniture. Additional fees may be incurred if excessive staging is deemed necessary.  Our goal is to provide quality digital images and video. Your input is important when choosing the best rooms and angles to photograph. Without your input, the photographer will use his/hers best judgment and experience to decide how to best record the property.
After the Shoot
Once the images and/or video have been taken, the photographer will edit the shoot and select the best images and video snippets.  These will be optimized for quality and delivered to you within two workdays, unless otherwise specified. All videos will be uploaded to the Horizon Aerial Media Services Vimeo and YouTube channels.  You may link the “Virtual Tour” portion of your listing to this video. You may also receive your photos and video tour on a USB if requested.
Due to the sensitivity of our equipment, in the event of inclement weather precluding exterior filming, another shoot of the property exterior will be rescheduled at the earliest possible time. We can go ahead with the interior tour if desired, no matter the weather.

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